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EU and USA levy high anti-dumping duty or import duty to many Chinese products. We can make re-export in Bangladesh, Hongkong, Malaysia, Singapore or Thailand, get Certificate of Origin from a third country to evade the duties.

Certificate of Origin issued by a third country is available for garments, shoes, hats, cloth, plastic bags, ceramic products, TV, lamps, bicycles, etc. Transit is made in Singapore, port kelang in Malaysia, Dubai in UAE. The destination countries are USA, EU, South Africa, Egypt, Turkey, Croatia, Mexico, Brazil, Argentina, etc.

Transit ports: In Singapore and Kelang, the container must be changed.

Packing requirement: ‘Made in China’ cannot be shown in the shipping marks.

CIQ is needed for the goods to Egypt, Iran. If transit is made in Hongkong or Malaysia, the CIQ can be omitted.

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